A Freescape can be defined by its OPPOSITE: a Slavescape
(where the WEF’s Great Reset would have us go).

The World Is Waking Up!

Every day, before our eyes, one after the other, conspiracies are being proven to NOT be “theories”.

We no longer go to main stream media for “news”, we go to them for propaganda updates.

“News” has shifted to free speech platforms. The news anchors are now warrior scholars like Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai (running for president in 2024), Dr. Mercola (with the honor of being #1 on the Biden Show’s “Disinformation Dirty Dozen”), Clif High, Kerry Cassidy, Derek Johnson, and Lewis Herms …

“Now it’s time for ‘we the people’ to step up … find your favorite patriot message and wear it on your shirt outside, wear it on your hat outside … You’re going to find out there are so many more people that are yearning for this information, and are awake then you think …”

- Lewis Herms, ScrewBigGov.com (2023.07.18 rumble podcast, NickV.TV, with Nicholas Veniamin)

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