About Us

A freescape is an ideal held by humanity, that allows freedom of thought, word and action; rather than living under the fear of tyrannical control systems. 


On the surface, it may appear that the world is still operating under a business-as-usual perspective: people just going about their lives, with the normal random crises, with nothing special going on. But things are NOT normal!  

Look at the endless pipeline of crisis after crisis. Look at how gasoline is being poured on every conceivable social fire in order to divide people and create chaos. Look at how America is being systematically dismantled. Look at how insanity has become the new normal! In short, things that were brushed off as “conspiracy theories” are now being proven to be conspiracy facts.

The world is in the 11th hour of deep trouble, and each country needs to take back the freedom it has lost, and take strategic peaceful actions to avoid mandates designed to enslave. We are well into WW III. Humanity is fighting an undeclared PSYOP war, not just for “freedom”, but to avoid the transhuman movement’s dismantling of “humanity” itself!  


The first step in healing is to acknowledge a problem – to call it what it is. This is important.

With freescape.earth, we declare a distinction between “freescape” and “slavescape”.

This distinction names what is well underway: that a break-away society is developing between those who value living in a freescape, and those willing to be herded into a slavescape.

The Freescape Store and Freescape.earth support an awakening humanity, working to create a freescape on Earth. The critical first step is to resist the many aspects of the World Economic Form’s “Great Reset” agenda to turn Earth into a slavescape.

As more people acknowledge humanity’s crisis, awareness is picking up momentum. This in itself becomes a peaceful demonstration of strength in numbers to local leadership, who have been complicit with unconstitutional and blatantly criminal mandates. When a critical mass of public awareness is achieved, the truth will be accepted, and the tide will turn.

The Freescape Store provides outreach products with messages to get attention and direct people to Freescape.Earth; which is a great place to start if you are on the fence regarding what is going on, have recently awakened, or are wondering what to do.


What side of history do you want to be on?
Be part of the solution!